New Direction for IVLO Attorneys

As of June 30, 2014, Indigo Ventures Law Offices will no longer operate as a partnership. Roger and John, its managing partners, will each form new and separate practices.

John L. Koenig, Manager
John L. Koenig Law LLC
245 Winter Street, Suite 400
Waltham, MA 02451
(781) 325-1266

Roger P. Glovsky, Manager
Glovsky Law LLC
1434 Spruce Street, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 466-3164

Thanks to all of our clients, friends and colleagues that supported IVLO and contributed to our many innovative concepts. We look forward to continuing to help your indigo ventures be successful, both now and in the years to come.

 What we accomplished

In July 2007, we combined our practices to form a unique business law firm. Over the past seven years, we forged new ground in the legal profession by developing and testing many innovative concepts for the delivery of legal services. Inspired by Richard Suskind’s book “The End of Lawyering”, we started out on a quest to answer Suskind’s call to action. If the legal profession is changing, then what is it changing into? What will the "law firm of the future" look like?

We experimented with numerous ideas for delivering legal services more effectively. We started with the concept of packaging “legal solutions”. One of our first legal solutions was the “Records Review” service, which remains one of our most popular solutions today. The legal solutions approach lead us to offer fixed fees with “unmetered consultations”, which changed the adversarial nature of billing by the hour to one of collaboration.  In many cases, fixed fees have strengthened our client relationships.

Next, we introduced the concept of “client choice”. Rather than assuming what kind of legal services clients wanted, we offered three new levels of services: (1) Review & Comment; (2) Draft & Revise; and (3) Revise & Negotiate. These three levels of service enabled clients to choose the kind of legal services they wanted and allowed us as lawyers to “partner” with clients, providing only what they need.

Many clients have appreciated our small firm approach with direct access to business attorneys, who are responsive, cost conscious and technology-savvy. Although most small law firms are limited in the range of services offered, we expanded our offering through the Business Lawyers Network, which provides clients with access to lawyers and professionals with a broad range of specialties including litigation, estate planning, employment, patents, trademarks, environmental law, business appraisals and more. We created a unique model for collaboration among lawyers by offering jointly developed legal solutions from our Solutions Counsel. 

In recent years, our focus has shifted from traditional “done-for-you” legal services to more ground breaking “done-with-you” legal services, including legal strategy coaching and planning tools such as the Expectation Matrix, the Term Tracker, and the Goldmine Strategy. 

 The New Direction

After seven years, we have come much closer to seeing what the future of law will look like. We developed a wide range of alternatives for the delivery of legal services and we believe that our ground-breaking methodologies will be adopted by other lawyers. Each lawyer can choose the type of services to offer and how to package their legal knowledge in various ways using different technologies and media.

Having completed the exploration phase, we each decided to move in different directions. Based in Massachusetts, John founded a new law practice focused on business succession. And Roger, based in Colorado, founded a new law practice focused on business contracts. We will both continue to apply our innovative concepts for the delivery of legal services, but pursue separate practices that allow us to leverage our individual strengths and develop greater legal resources designed to meet the needs of our unique and different audiences.

 We are still here to help

We are still here to assist your needs, albeit separately but with a continued appreciation for collaboration. Feel free to contact John or Roger, or both. You may want to update your contact list with our new email addresses, but don't worry our old email addresses will continue to reach us for the near term. So, whether you use our old emails or new emails you will still be able to find us when you need us.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

~ Roger & John